Plant recipe: Homemade NUTELLA!


This was the easiest, tastiest recipe I have made to date. All you need is three ingredients, a blender and your good to go. It’s a natural alternative recipe to the popular chocolate spread everyone loves, Nutella. And it really does taste like Nutella. I thought it was even more satisfying and more filling than Nutella. 

What you need:


1/2 of a cup of100% Canadian Maple Syrup

300g Roasted Hazelnuts

1 Tbsp Carob/Cacao powder

1/2 cup of Water, or more if required


Heat your oven to 180c, then pour your hazelnuts onto a tray. Put the hazelnuts into the oven and leave until nicely brown, for about 15 minutes. Keep an eye on them as they can burn quite quickly.


Add the roasted hazelnut to a blender or food processor with the water and blend until you have a smooth mix. It’s important to do this step first. I learned the hard way and added all the ingredients in together, and I just couldn’t get the mix smooth I wanted. Or maybe it was just my blender..

Once your happy with the consistency of the blended hazelnuts, add the maple syrup and carob powder, and blend some more.

Add more water to get a consistency you like.

And thats it, simple! Add the spread to a storage jar and keep in the fridge for up to a week.  It’s so delicious it definitely won’t last that long!

Serving suggestion, delicious spread on some slices of wholemeal bread. 




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