Where do vegans get their calcium, iron and protein?

question-marks-graphicHi, yes, it’s been a while since I posted on here but I’m back to share some cute informative images I came across the other day! When people find out that I eat a vegan diet the main questions I get are usually, where do you get Iron from? Where do you get Calcium from? And where do you get your Protein from? I actually love when people ask this because it means I can explain and inform them off all the amazing wholefood plant based foods that provide ample of these nutrients. The images below clearly depict the foods which provide protein, iron and calcium for vegans or vegetarians.

Even if you don’t eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, its great to become more aware of different food sources that provide these nutrients for us so we can include a variety of food in our diet and not become reliant on a handful of foods to provide us with certain nutritional components.

Feel free to download and share with others!

calcium sources

iron sources

protein sources


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