Fit Tips: How to get motivated to exercise

I’m going to be honest, my motivation to get up, go, and exercise has been pretty slack since moving to Australia. I’ve been spending a lot of my time finding my bearings here and my diet and fitness has suffered as a consequence.  I’ve been eating a lot more processed, high sugar foods, on top of not exercising regularly. And boy, does it effect your mood, your energy levels, and your body. I’ve felt sluggish, with no energy. I’ve had a really foggy mind with regular headaches. I’ve lost muscle definition and tone. Overall, I haven’t felt good or full of energy like I used to… And I want to change that!

The past few weeks I’ve really made an effort to get back on track to improve the food I’m eating along with hitting the gym around 4 times a week. However, I seem to be struggling with MOTIVATION. Even though I’m eating better, I can still wake up and have little to no motivation to go the gym. I’ve been doing the following things below, if not daily to help get me motivated to go to the gym. I hope they can help you too on days  you’re struggling with motivation to get something done!

No.1 Workout early in the morning 


Morning time is the best time to get your workout done, as you’re well rested after a full nights sleep. If you leave your workout until the evening, you’ll be far more tired after working all day or doing other chores throughout the day. Also, you don’t know what events will happen in the day ahead that might put you in a negative mood, decreasing the likelihood of you doing some exercise.

No.2 Go to the gym at quiet periods 


Personally I love when the gym is pretty empty ( I don’t mind a few people floating about, but I really don’t like when it’s super busy). The advantage of having the place to yourself is you have the freedom and space to do whatever exercise you want and you don’t have to wait for machines. It almost feels like you’re working out in your own gym!

No.3 When you wake up, change in to your gym clothes while you have your pre-workout breakfast & morning tea/coffee 

Putting on your gym clothes gets you in the mentality that you are going to go to the gym soon. If you stay in your PJ’s you’ll stay comfortable and warm and more than likely you won’t want to change out of them. It’s amazing what a change of clothes can do, and the energy it can bring. Even better again, treat yourself to some new gym clothes every now and then. You’ll definitely want to show them off, so if that’s what gets you up and going to the gym, then do it!

No.4  Follow the 80-20 diet rule  


Don’t be too strict on yourself, but eat healthily the majority of the time. Food is fuel for your body, so if you’re eating generally bad, you will generally feel bad. Eat mostly good foods and you’ll mostly feel good. Simple as that. But that doesn’t mean you need to completely cut out treats. I like to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner to ensure I get my macro/micro-nutrients but if I feel like something sweet, then I’ll snack on some chocolate or crisps if I want them. By eating good whole foods 80% of the time, you’re fuelling your body to have the energy to exercise.

No.5 Watch fitness YouTube channels in your spare time, while you eat breakfast or before the gym 


I like to follow health and fitness Youtubers or people on Instagram as they motivate me to continue being healthy and fit. Nowadays most people follow some social media influencers as we can easily access apps on our mobiles, iPads, tablets, laptops etc. The people you choose to follow will have an impact on your daily life, so choose wisely. Given the fact that most people grab their phones first thing in the morning after they wake up, what you see on your feed can have a huge impact on your mood and mentality for the day. If your feed is full of colourful, happy, energetic pictures you will more than likely attack the day feeling that way too. Personally, I love watching workout videos on YouTube and following health bloggers on Instagram that share their healthy food recipes.


No.6 Join a gym that is close by 

This one is self explanatory really, if the gym is conveniently located close to your home, the chances of you going to the gym are far higher than if the gym is a 45 minute drive away. No one wants to spend all that time driving to and fro multiple times a week. The easier and quicker you can access a gym the better.

No.6 Join a gym that has a variety of group classes included

Joining in on a group class such as spinning, boxing, bodypump, HIIT etc. is great for days you can’t motivate yourself to workout. Sometimes you just need to be told what to do, and being in a class and working out with others as a group will give you energy to get through it together.

No.7 Update your gym playlist with new songs often 

Gym Playlist

Music is so important, always make sure your gym playlist is packed full of your favourite energetic songs to enhance your efforts during exercise. Studies have found that cyclists actually worked harder when listening to faster music as compared to music at a slower tempo. Alternatively, if you are heading out for a walk, go find yourself a good audio book or podcast to listen as you walk, the time will go much quicker I promise.

No.9 Find a workout buddy 


When you exercise with a friend, the time goes a lot faster than if you were alone. When you work out alone, it’s all too easy to fall back on the same-old, same-old exercises which can lead you to becoming disinterest or bored. A friend might have suggestions for switching up your routine that you wouldn’t think of alone, and that will keep things interesting and ensure all your muscle get worked out.

No.10 Think of how good you will feel after you exercise. 


At times when you feel like you have no energy, are too lazy to go exercise just bring your mind back to a time after you worked out and think of how you felt at that particular time. Usually you feel good and energised. You never regret a workout, but you always regret skipping one!

Lastly, if all else fails just get up and go! Don’t think about it too much or you’ll allow your mind the time to think of excuses not to do it.  Sometimes you just have to switch your thoughts off, get dressed, go and go through the motions. Guaranteed 10 minutes in you will feel a lot more energetic and in good form to do a good workout.



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