5KG full body dumbbell workout

Workout blog post

Hello lovely people, so it’s humpday Wednesday and some of you are probably trying to find the motivation to get through the rest of the week – trying not to slip of the exercise bandwagon you jumped on at the start of the week full of enthusiasm.  I’m here to help you stay on the bandwagon. I’ve put together a simple quick workout that can be done anywhere, at home or the gym, in as quick as 35 minutes.  As my last 5kg arm workout proved to be very popular, I thought I would do a similar style workout that targets the whole body. Trust me you’ll feel good after this one. 🙂 So grab a pair of dumbbells, get your workout gear on and let’s do it! 

Like I mentioned before it’s a great idea to invest on a set of dumbbells so you can start working out in the comfort of your own home. Light weight dumbbells are also very affordable, I picked up my 5kg set for €12.99. There are so many exercises you can do with dumbbells alone, so they’re definitely worth the purchase.

Why use dumbbells? Lifting weights accelerates fat burn, builds lean muscle (which is what you want if you want to look toned) and as a results having more lean muscle will increase your metabolism. So, to achieve that lean toned look, lifting weight/resistance training is essential. Trying to achieve this look with body-weight alone can be done but it would take much longer to see results.

IMPORTANT! Warming up and stretching before and after exercising is essential so complete the warm up described in the graphic as many times as needed until you feel hot and are starting to sweat a little. After warming up complete the following stretches before starting the workout.


Complete the 6 exercises back to back taking as little rest in between as possible, then taking a longer rest of 2-3 minutes at the end of the 6th exercise before repeating again.

Complete the exercise slow and controlled, squeezing the muscle for a few seconds at the peak contraction point before releasing and returning to the starting position.


1 – Squat to overhead press  – using 2 Dumbbells

2 – Push up to dumbbell row – using 2 Dumbbells

3 – Dumbbell Russian twist – using 1 Dumbbell

4 – Dumbbell Russian deadlift – using 2 Dumbbells

5 – Dumbbell Sit up – using 1 Dumbbell

6 – Dumbbell Glute bridge – using 1 Dumbbell


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