My passions in life are fitness, health, and nutrition. 

Hi, welcome to my website.  I’m Siobhan, and I live in Limerick City, Ireland and I’m a certified ISSA Personal Trainer. Although I studied Multimedia and programming in college, in recent years, my passion for health, nutrition, and exercise has flourished greatly. For the past few years I have focused on eating a plant based diet to better my health and I started this blog to share with you the benefits I’ve learned along the way.

I’ve always loved exercise, that started at a very early age when my parents threw me into every type of sport that was available. I never complained, I really loved it. I think as a child I spent 70% of my time playing some sort of sport, Gaelic football, running, relays, basketball, Irish dancing… the list goes on, but as I got older I grew an obsession with body image.

As a teen, I began to restrict my calories while keeping up a busy sport routine.  The food I was eating was unhealthy, highly processed, and low calorie, providing me with little or no nutrition what so ever. This was when I began to grow an unhealthy relationship with food. I also suffered from acne during this time. I struggled with it right through from school and right up to my final year in college.  Having acne was probably one of the main triggers that led me to eating a plant based diet.

Ever since changing my lifestyle and choosing to eat foods that nourish and energize my body, I have not looked back. I have rebuilt my relationship with food and I enjoy and look forward to eating meals and trying out new recipes.

I have dedicated this blog to posting informative, helpful information about heath, fitness and nutrition, so hopefully I can help you can learn something new that you can implement into your own life.

Thank you for stopping by my website 🙂




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