Plant based food SHOPPING LIST for beginners

plant based shoppingBeing vegan over 3 and a half years, I have been able to perfect my plant based food shopping list.  When I first went vegan, I wish I had more resources to help me when grocery shopping. It was a little overwhelming at the shop as I was so used to buying certain foods for years which I was now no longer purchasing. I was left thinking, well what do I buy now?

So I have put together a one page essential shopping list that will help anyone who is new to plant based or vegan eating. This list is a minimum essentials list of foods that I enjoy and love but feel free to pick and choose what you like from this list. I hope at least it gives you an idea what a plant based shopping list looks like and that it will help you develop your own list in the future. And  of course,  if you want some vegan ice cream, add that to your list 😉 Everyone needs ice cream in their life!

While shopping as a new plant based eater, focus on the outer aisles of a supermarket. This is where you will find all the fresh and frozen produce which will make up the majority of your shopping week to week with minimum foods required from the middle aisles as they are mostly filled with processed or junk foods.  Continue reading


6 vegan foods to avoid if your goal is weight loss.

Image result for supermarket aislesOver 20,000 new food and drink items hit our stores each year and, with so much conflicting information about health and nutrition roaming around, it can be difficult to know what exactly we should be eating. If you follow a primarily plant based diet, you are definitely on the right track. But even on a plant based/vegan diet more and more ‘unhealthy’ foods are being introduced in our supermarkets that could easily cause weight gain if consumed regularly.

Here are six foods I’ve picked that may be marketed as a healthier option, but in reality on further investigation, they are doing you no good if your goal is weight or fat loss.  Continue reading

Where do vegans get their calcium, iron and protein?

question-marks-graphicHi, yes, it’s been a while since I posted on here but I’m back to share some informative graphical images I came across the other day that you may find useful for yourself or to share with others!

When people find out that I eat a vegan diet, the main questions I usually get are “where do you get iron from?”, “Where do you get calcium from?”, and “Where do you get your protein from?”. I actually love when people ask these questions because I can inform them of all the amazing wholefood plant-based foods that can provide our body with ample amounts of these nutrients. The images below clearly depict the foods which provide protein, iron and calcium for vegans or vegetarians. Continue reading

Health Foods: Should we be eating coconut oil?

Coconut oil has exploded in recent years as a healthy alternative to cooking oils such as olive oil, vegetable oil, or butter. But is it really good for the body? I always get curious and do my own research before falling for another marketing hoax. The questions I ask; is coconut oil really that good for you, or can too much of it cause damage in any way? What are the different types of coconut oil? What nutritioun can it provide for me? Should we be consuming it?  Continue reading

Health Foods: Why you should eat more Cinnamon

Image result for cinnamon health benefits how not to die

Cinnamon is one of my favourite spices, and it just so happens that it’s extremely healthy for you. Cinnamon is derived from the inner bark of trees called Cinnamomum and is nutrient dense with little calories.

Some herbs and spices, including cinnamon, are so rich in antioxidants that just a small pinch can double your antioxidant intake for one meal. Cinnamon is also one of the cheapest source antioxidants you can buy, and is widely available in most supermarkets. It’s definitely one spice that every one should have in their kitchen.  Continue reading