Vegan Shopping List..So what do I actually eat

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One reaction I’ve noticed when I tell people I don’t eat meat or dairy is the baffled confused look on their face trying to think of what is left for me to eat.  To be honest, I thought that too a few years ago, before I went vegan.  I really thought “what a boring diet”, I didn’t think it would be possible to make exciting, tasty  vegan recipes.  Well, I know now I was wrong. Continue reading


Detox your Body: Health benefits of Spirulina

One of the main things I’ve loved since going plant based is my growing interest and awareness of superfoods that can really benefit the quality of your health and vitality. The more I learn the more I believe that food can be our medicine.

The latest superfood that I have come across and have started to incorporate into my daily diet is Spirulina.

Spirulina has many many health benefits, so much so that I needed to share this information with you all. This blue-green algae, typically grown in Africa, Mexico and Hawaii is one of the top superfoods today. Its nutritional profile is loaded with chlorophyll which alkalizes your body, B Vitamins, Vitamin K and minerals such as zinc and magnesium. It is also a great source of quality protein if you aren’t getting enough in your diet. Great for vegetarians or vegans who are looking to get more quality plant based protein into their diet. Continue reading

Reasons to go Vegan…the facts!

When you change from a standard diet to what some would consider an ‘extreme’ diet consisting of plant based foods, be prepared to be asked the question “WHY?” a lot!

Do your homework so you can be comfortable explaining your decision fr changing your diet. Sometimes the best response is to provide the person questioning you with some non-arguable facts. I’m not encouraging you to be aggressive towards the person, as I know that can be an issue when you’re passionate about veganism. Instead try to work these facts into a friendly conversation with a friend or family member so that they can understand your decision.

Remember, you have already done the research and know the facts. The person questioning you probably has little knowledge on veganism – so take the opportunity to teach them what you know rather than speaking in a defensive manner.

There are three main reasons why a person goes vegan – for ethical, health, or environmental reasons.  Continue reading

Using LEMONS for acne!


When life gives you lemons…use them on your face!

I have been suffering with poor skin for years now, it’s very sensitive and very prone to acne. Needless to say I’ve tried everything under the sun in regards to skincare products. And nothing seems to work, I’m still on the hunt for the right products that actually help me with my acne prone skin. I do believe that you need to heal from within first. This is one of the main reasons why I have turned to a vegan diet but it’s also essential to have a good face cleansing/exfoliating/moisturising routine. In the last week or two I’ve been looking for natural alternative remedies for curing acne, and that’s when I came across the many surprising benefits of using lemons on your skin and for general health. Continue reading

One chip has the same amount of fat as a whole potato.


So let’s do the maths on this, if we eat a large portion of McDonald’s chips it’s probably the equivalent of eating 60 full potatoes….I don’t think anybody could sit and eat that amount of potatoes in a day not to mind in one sitting!! This is definitely food for thought.

So instead of sacrificing your body to all that fat, why not just make the effort and chop up a potato to make you own oven baked chips. They’ll taste just as good, if not better, your saving yourself from eating high amounts of fat, and you’ll be able to eat a lot more and feel fuller than what would with MacDonald’s chips. It’s a win win situation…