Reasons to go Vegan…the facts!

When you change from a standard diet to what some would consider an ‘extreme’ diet consisting of plant based foods, be prepared to be asked the question “WHY?” a lot!

Do your homework so you can be comfortable explaining your decision fr changing your diet. Sometimes the best response is to provide the person questioning you with some non-arguable facts. I’m not encouraging you to be aggressive towards the person, as I know that can be an issue when you’re passionate about veganism. Instead try to work these facts into a friendly conversation with a friend or family member so that they can understand your decision.

Remember, you have already done the research and know the facts. The person questioning you probably has little knowledge on veganism – so take the opportunity to teach them what you know rather than speaking in a defensive manner.

There are three main reasons why a person goes vegan – for ethical, health, or environmental reasons.  Continue reading