Plant recipe: Dairy-free no-bake CARAMEL SLICES


I think these caramel slices are my favourite dessert recipe I’ve made to date. Not as quick to make as my other recipes but DEFINITELY worth the effort. The caramel sauce made from dates, almond butter and coconut oil couldn’t have tasted any better. It really tasted like real caramel. These slices are made from only raw ingredients and require no baking what so ever. They are so tasty, I have to resist eating them all at once.  Continue reading


Plant recipe: Cacao Maple Syrup Buckwheat Granola


I love this recipe! I discovered buckwheat granola about 2 weeks ago and have been making batches of it ever since. Every time I have a smoothie bowl I sprinkle some over the top to add a sweet crunchy texture to it. It so so easy to make and only takes 20 minutes in the oven.  Continue reading