10 tips to save money eating a plant based diet

Let me ask you this first, can you put a price on your health?

Many people ask me if it is expensive being on a plant based diet. For me, my health and well-being is very important so I am happy to pay whatever amount it takes so that I can feed my body a whole variety of nutritious foods. I am always up for trying out new recipes so you’ll find me browsing around the health aisle of the supermarket a lot sourcing out new ingredients to stock up my kitchen cupboards with.  That’s the part that makes my plant based diet expensive.

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Health Foods: Cocoa vs Cacao vs Corob powder

As I was making my buckwheat granola,  using Carob powder instead of my usual Cacao powder. I began to wonder what exactly the difference was between Cacao, Cocoa, and Carob powder.  Cue this blog post….. I done some research and I found some interesting facts.

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