Plant based diet: High protein foods

This post is inspired by some of my friends who have been asking me recently about meat free dinner ideas that they could start to incorporate into their own diet. For me, being on a plant based diet for over two years, if you handed me some beans, lentils, grains, greens and all that good stuff, I could easily think of multiple delicious meat free meals I could make from them. But for my friends, when I start listing these foods to them, they are a little bit puzzled on what they could make from them. Of course this happens to everyone, if you gave me something I had never cooked with before I would be a bit clueless too. There’s also the aspect of getting used to a meal being complete and satiating without meat. However, that comes with time.

So this post is for any curious person who still eats meat, and wants to explore some meat free options but they don’t know where to start. Continue reading


Plant recipe: Cannellini Bean and Potato, Salsa Salad


This was super quick and easy to make. I threw this together after getting home from work not knowing what I was trying to achieve but it actually turned out really nice. I already had a whole bunch of baby potatoes cooked from the night before, so I had to work with them some way or another.

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