Where do vegans get their calcium, iron and protein?

question-marks-graphicHi, yes, it’s been a while since I posted on here but I’m back to share some informative graphical images I came across the other day that you may find useful for yourself or to share with others!

When people find out that I eat a vegan diet, the main questions I usually get are “where do you get iron from?”, “Where do you get calcium from?”, and “Where do you get your protein from?”. I actually love when people ask these questions because I can inform them of all the amazing wholefood plant-based foods that can provide our body with ample amounts of these nutrients. The images below clearly depict the foods which provide protein, iron and calcium for vegans or vegetarians. Continue reading

Plant recipe: BBQ Cauliflower Wings

I have to admit, I didn’t have high expectations for this recipe, being cauliflower and all…  I’m not the biggest cauliflower fan, but making them this way has changed that! They really came out super tasty. Even my housemate who hates cauliflower with a passion liked them. Now that’s saying something.  😉

The batter was delicious, not too much BBQ, not too spicy, but full of flavour. I will be making these a lot more for sure. They would be perfect for a party as they look really impressive. At a quick glance, you would almost think they are chicken wings. They’re a good meat free alternative snack.

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Plant Recipe: Peanut Chocolate Chip Cookies


I made these when I got bored last night, they were super easy to make and I just happened to have all the ingredients lying around in my kitchen. They only take 15 minutes of prep time and 15 minutes in the oven. As there is very little sugar ingredients in them, they are not overly sweet like regular cookies. They have a more neutral biscuit taste. They are not too nutty either considering the amount of nut based ingredients I used. They consistency came out perfectly, once they cooled they don’t go too crispy or hard which is what I liked most about them. They were a slightly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

Makes around 9 average sized cookies.

P.S the dark bits in the picture are chocolate chips, not burnt bits 😉 just in case you we’re thinking that..

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10 tips to save money eating a plant based diet

Let me ask you this first, can you put a price on your health?

Many people ask me if it is expensive being on a plant based diet. For me, my health and well-being is very important so I am happy to pay whatever amount it takes so that I can feed my body a whole variety of nutritious foods. I am always up for trying out new recipes so you’ll find me browsing around the health aisle of the supermarket a lot sourcing out new ingredients to stock up my kitchen cupboards with.  That’s the part that makes my plant based diet expensive.

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