BULK cooking VEGAN food TIPS and ideas

bulk cooking

I mentioned before in my post working full time & being a HCLF vegan one obstacle that may damage your so far successful vegan diet is not having food prepared at times when you do not have time to cook. Not having food prepared can cause you to make unhealthy, regretful,  convenient food choices.  And for anybody who lives a busy life, this is probably something you face daily. The only way to prevent this is to prepare and cook your food in large amounts at a time.  If you have a busy lifestyle but wan to commit to being vegan then it is essential that you are prepared as you can never be 100% certain that restaurants of shops will be able to accommodate your dietary needs. Bulk cooking your food will allow you to pack lunches, dinners or snack on the go so you can either bring it with you to work or when travelling. Otherwise you can just store it in the fridge for something quick to grab when you get home after a long day. Continue reading


Plant recipe: Cacao Maple Syrup Buckwheat Granola


I love this recipe! I discovered buckwheat granola about 2 weeks ago and have been making batches of it ever since. Every time I have a smoothie bowl I sprinkle some over the top to add a sweet crunchy texture to it. It so so easy to make and only takes 20 minutes in the oven.  Continue reading